Teaching Writing Through Guided Analysis

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Teaching Writing Through Guided Analysis teaches students that they are involved in more than simply completing assignments; they are authors, embarking on the adventure of painting mental images in readers’ minds.  Strong sentences and paragraph development are taught through engaging stories.  Lessons incorporate scaffolded support so that students experience success and build confidence in their writing abilities.

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1 review for Teaching Writing Through Guided Analysis

  1. Taryl G.

    We have used Teaching Writing Through Guided Analysis (previously titled Treasured Conversations) as a supplement to our main language arts program for several years, and are beginning our third child in the program. Karen Parkes has created quite the Goldilocks solution to functional writing instruction that isn’t too formulaic, worksheet based, or something that will fall out of the children’s heads as soon as they complete it.

    I’d say my favorite aspect of TC is that it builds upon itself gradually as the student practices grammar skills. This is done through verbal instruction and paragraph analysis, but there are also copywork and creative writing components.

    Hand in hand with that is how adaptable it is to multiple students at once. A struggling child can be slowed down seamlessly and more practice included, more discussion had. And advanced learners can assimilate content quickly and stretch themselves with increasingly complex compositions. But both students learn and feel good about the act of writing. Their output matches their ability level and helps me, as their teacher, see right away where the strengths and weaknesses are. And these grammar skills are reiterated in report writing as well, so there is a gentle transition to analytical writing that doesn’t abandon the treasure chest gathered during the creative writing section but instead expands the use of those same tools.

    The grammar becomes imminently functional and integrated into improving the child’s writing output, which means they aren’t just memorizing and losing it when they’ve shown mastery once or twice. And your verbs aren’t dissociated from your notes and outlines – those same parts of speech enhance and strengthen the report writing and critical thinking skills when applied to nonfiction paragraphs too.

    It’s not all squirrels and rainbow makers, but the genius of Karen’s program is how it respects and draws out the creativity and intellect of each child who uses it while honing their use of language. It’s subtle, and my children do not see their Treasured Conversations time as work at all. This is one of those programs I’m saving for the grandkids, and that is the highest praise I can give.

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